Game # 2357Girls U15 District

Wednesday, Aug 16, 2017
Conlon #1 - Full Field @ 19:30


Perth United Predators G15 T1




Cumberland United G15 T2

Mike St. John (Team Official)

Fields are located in the south end of the town of Perth. Directions are as follows: From #7 Highway turn south on Drummond Street. Continue to South Street, and turn west. Travel through the stop lights, until Conlon Drive, which is on the north side of the street. Turn North, and soccer fields are on the east side of the street. Fields are numbered 1 through 3, starting from the north.

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ER Shield U13 Boys
CUSC B13T11 - 0 Cap U B13T1

ER Cup U14 Boys
OISC B140 - 5 KUSC B14

ER Shield U14 Boys
SVSC B14T11 - 0 OCSC B14T1A

ER Cup U15 Boys
OGSC B153 - 4 CUSC B15

ER Shield U15 Boys

ER Cup U16 Boys
OGSC B161 - 2 OSU B16

ER Shield U16 Boys
SVSC B16T13 - 2 StAnt B16T1B

ER Shield U13 Girls
OGSC G13T11 - 3 SVSC G13T1

ER Cup U14 Girls
CUSC G144 - 1 NHSC G14

ER Shield U14 Girls
KDSC G14T12 - 1 CPSC G14T1

ER Cup U15 Girls

ER Shield U15 Girls
RSC G15T11 - 4 GSL G15T1

ER Cup U16 Girls
OGSC G163 - 2 CUCS G16

ER Shield U16 Girls
OFC G16T12 - 3 RUSC G16T1


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