Girls U16 Regional

1Cumberland United G16 Regional1513208377641
2Ottawa Gloucester Hornets Sting U16G L31510324874133
3West Ottawa G16 Regional1575342172526
4Ottawa City G16 Regional153391440-2612
5OSU Force Academy White G16 Regional153111659-5310
6Nepean Hotspurs G16 Regional152013972-636

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1Cassandra ANDRECumberland United G16 Regional17
2Kennedy ARMSTRONGOttawa Gloucester Hornets Sting U16G L317
3Joelle CHACKALCumberland United G16 Regional16
4Amanda BIRMINGHAMWest Ottawa G16 Regional14
5Chanelle CHAPUTCumberland United G16 Regional13
6Veronique FILIONCumberland United G16 Regional12
7Emily HUMEOttawa Gloucester Hornets Sting U16G L39
8Megan KAVANAGHWest Ottawa G16 Regional7
9Emily SMITHCumberland United G16 Regional6
10Julia RICHARDOttawa Gloucester Hornets Sting U16G L35

#PlayerTeam NameShutouts
1Chloe LACHANCE-SOULARDOttawa Gloucester Hornets Sting U16G L39
2Maya PHILLIPSCumberland United G16 Regional6
3Holly TREFFERSWest Ottawa G16 Regional5
4Martine LAJEUNESSECumberland United G16 Regional4
5Sarah WIMMIOttawa City G16 Regional3
6Jessie PORTER MACLENNANOSU Force Academy White G16 Regional2
7Julia MICHELISOSU Force Academy White G16 Regional1
8Rebecca MCFADYENOttawa Gloucester Hornets Sting U16G L31

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