Boys U13 District T1

1St. Anthony B13T1 Parmar 0412110186236333
2Cumberland United B13T112101171175431
3OSU Force Academy White B13T11282244182626
4Ottawa Gloucester Hornets Attack U13B T11281334211325
5Capital United B13T11273262164624
6Seaway Valley Blazers B13T11253446341218
7Ottawa City B13T1125252433-917
8OSU Force Academy Blue B13T1124263363-3014
9St. Anthony B13T1 Parmar 05124083350-1712
10West Ottawa B13T1123183137-610
11St. Anthony B13T1 Surad122283475-418
12Ottawa Internationals B13T1122193052-227
13Nepean Hotspurs B13T1120012796-890

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1Elage BAHSt. Anthony B13T1 Parmar 0432
2Guylain KAMOCumberland United B13T127
3Salem ETIENNEOttawa Gloucester Hornets Attack U13B T123
4Benjamin FISHERCumberland United B13T122
5Radwan JAMA St. Anthony B13T1 Surad22
6Adam PICHECapital United B13T121
7Louay BENSACIOSU Force Academy Blue B13T121
8Benjamin PENTICOSTSt. Anthony B13T1 Parmar 0516
9Wilson LUTAAYACapital United B13T115
10Mohammad Ali KHALIFESt. Anthony B13T1 Parmar 0413

#PlayerTeam NameShutouts
1Liam HOLTZHAUERCapital United B13T16
2Marcus MINNACumberland United B13T16
3Ian VANDENBERGOSU Force Academy White B13T14
4Adamo NICASTROOttawa City B13T12
5Holden HEWLETTSeaway Valley Blazers B13T12
6Aaliayah Speede LUCKYSt. Anthony B13T1 Parmar 041
7Ahmad EL-BARBARYCumberland United B13T11
8Antoine CAZABONOttawa Gloucester Hornets Attack U13B T11
9Giovanni UTANOOttawa City B13T11
10Ian EdgarSeaway Valley Blazers B13T11
11Name WithheldWest Ottawa B13T11
12Luka JOVICOSU Force Academy Blue B13T11
13Robert HUANGOttawa Internationals B13T11

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