Boys U13 District T2 East

1Glengarry B13T212111050143634
2Ottawa Internationals B13T2 A1271448163222
3Cumberland United B13T2 B125162938-916
4Ottawa Gloucester Hornets Swarm U13B T2125073634215
5Cumberland United B13T2 A124172027-713
6Ottawa Internationals B13T2 B1220101468-546

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1Will GERRIOROttawa Internationals B13T2 A17
2Spencer PINKERTONOttawa Gloucester Hornets Swarm U13B T210
3Jimmy BERRYGlengarry B13T29
4Mathieu VIRCCumberland United B13T2 B8
5Spencer LEVACGlengarry B13T28
6Connor SPENCEGlengarry B13T27
7Mason ETTINGEROttawa Gloucester Hornets Swarm U13B T27
8Ali ZALZALEOttawa Internationals B13T2 A6
9Jason TRANOttawa Gloucester Hornets Swarm U13B T26
10Vincent BOISCLAIRCumberland United B13T2 A6

#PlayerTeam NameShutouts
1Isaac ARKINSONGlengarry B13T24
2Robert HUANGOttawa Internationals B13T2 A3
3Charles GALLANTOttawa Internationals B13T2 A2
4Majd NASIRCumberland United B13T2 A2

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