Boys U15 District

1Seaway Valley Blazers B15T111110051104133
2Glengarry B15T11180328181024
3OSU Power B15T11170435241121
4Ottawa City Blue B15T11161434191519
5Kemptville B15T11153331141718
6Nepean Hotspurs Spartans B15T11160537211618
7West Ottawa B15T1115242419517
8Nepean Hotspurs Eagles B15T1 114162131-1013
9Ottawa Gloucester Hornets Attack U15B T1113352924512
10St. Anthony B15T1 Surad112091750-336
11Ottawa City Silver B15T111209963-546
12Ottawa Internationals B15T1111282649-235

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No games are scheduled in the next 10 days

1Hayden CHARBONNEAUSeaway Valley Blazers B15T117
2Antony MAYSTRUKNepean Hotspurs Spartans B15T114
3Brady LEDOUXSeaway Valley Blazers B15T114
4Osman HASSANSt. Anthony B15T1 Surad14
5Annas MAHGOUBOSU Power B15T112
6Mariano (Luis) CASTANONepean Hotspurs Eagles B15T1 11
7Evan COOKOttawa City Blue B15T19
8Jimmy BOURBONNAISGlengarry B15T19
9Kenneth MACMACMILLANGlengarry B15T19
10Zaid AL-LAHHAMOttawa Internationals B15T19

#PlayerTeam NameShutouts
1Cole FRASER-DUPUISSeaway Valley Blazers B15T19
2Carter GUTIERREZKemptville B15T15
3Logan KEURENTJESGlengarry B15T15
4Alex HUSSEYOttawa City Blue B15T14
5Sachin D'SOUZA-MUISEOttawa Internationals B15T12
6Tiernan DEBEAUOSU Power B15T12
7Andres MARTINEZWest Ottawa B15T11
8Evan MOORENepean Hotspurs Spartans B15T11
9Jordan SHAWNepean Hotspurs Eagles B15T1 1
10Koshin HERSISt. Anthony B15T1 Surad1
11Mumin ALISt. Anthony B15T1 Surad1
12Nathan NELSONWest Ottawa B15T11

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