Boys U16 District

1Seaway Valley Blazers B16T120170393256851
2Ottawa Gloucester Hornets Attack U16B T120160479334648
3Kemptville B16T120124460283240
4St. Anthony B16T1 Surad20123556391739
5Ottawa City Silver B16T120115446281838
6St. Anthony B16T12090115558-327
7Nepean Hotspurs B16T12064103556-2122
8Rockland United B16T12062125361-820
9Ottawa City Blue B16T12062123553-1820
10Russell B16T12015142579-548
11West Ottawa B16T120031727104-773

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1Braeden LEVACSeaway Valley Blazers B16T134
2Eric TORLONEOttawa Gloucester Hornets Attack U16B T129
3Steven VICHOSKemptville B16T126
4Name WithheldOttawa City Silver B16T119
5Abdilatif SHAIFSt. Anthony B16T1 Surad18
6Cameron BRUNETSeaway Valley Blazers B16T118
7Chris TREDREOttawa Gloucester Hornets Attack U16B T113
8Benoit RACETTERockland United B16T112
9Kaushik CHOPRASt. Anthony B16T112
10Kyle MEISENHEIMERKemptville B16T112

#PlayerTeam NameShutouts
1Name WithheldOttawa City Silver B16T16
2Enzo KWINDTKemptville B16T15
3Glenn ROYOttawa Gloucester Hornets Attack U16B T14
4Zakaria ABDISAMEDSt. Anthony B16T1 Surad4
5Brayden DUPUISSeaway Valley Blazers B16T13
6Nolan PITTSSeaway Valley Blazers B16T12
7Ryland EKDAHLOttawa City Blue B16T12
8Alessandro MAFRICINepean Hotspurs B16T11
9Cole Fraser Dupuis Seaway Valley Blazers B16T11
10Cole FRASER-DUPUISSeaway Valley Blazers B16T11
11Max EVESKemptville B16T11
12Morgan FOSTERRussell B16T11
13Nathan LATULIPPEKemptville B16T11
14Nicholas BEAUDOUINSt. Anthony B16T11
15Peter XIDIASKemptville B16T11
16Zachary WHITTAKERRockland United B16T11

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