Boys U14 District T2 East

1OSU Rage B14T2129303553030
2OSU Power B14T21264240172322
3Russell B14T21262432211120
4Cumberland United B14T2124352631-515
5Ottawa Internationals B14T2122371235-239
6Ottawa Gloucester Hornets Swarm U14B T212039339-363

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1Tyler CHAPMANOSU Power B14T217
2Alen HALILOVICOSU Power B14T210
3Samuel LEVESQUERussell B14T27
4Jacob MARCOTTECumberland United B14T26
5Ronin VICARSCumberland United B14T26
6Bowen GACETAOSU Rage B14T25
7James MARTINOSU Rage B14T25
8Mustafa SYEDOSU Rage B14T25
9Nolan KINGOSU Power B14T25
10Tristan MASSERussell B14T25

#PlayerTeam NameShutouts
1Joshua BESTMANOSU Rage B14T28
2Maxime BOULANGERCumberland United B14T23
3Abdel ABEDOttawa Internationals B14T22
4Aidan MELENHORSTRussell B14T22
5Luka JOVICOSU Power B14T22
6Gavin VEINOTTERussell B14T21
7Matthew LEVECQUEOSU Power B14T21
8Rowan BLOISOttawa Gloucester Hornets Swarm U14B T21
9Stefan DJELMOOSU Power B14T21

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