Girls U16 District

1Ottawa Futsal FSTA Elite G16T112120069105936
2Rockland United G16T11282251173426
3Carleton Place United G16T11264227121522
4Cumberland United G16T1124442934-516
5Ottawa City G16T1122281234-228
6Ottawa Internationals G16T1122010946-376
7OSU Power G16T112129953-445

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1Makayla EMONDOttawa Futsal FSTA Elite G16T118
2Madison MEISENHEIMEROttawa Futsal FSTA Elite G16T117
3Danika DROUINRockland United G16T116
4Brooklyn BURDENCarleton Place United G16T112
5Danie PITRERockland United G16T111
6Katie TAUGHEROttawa Futsal FSTA Elite G16T19
7Marika BRUNETRockland United G16T18
8Erika TANGUAY-DUNCANCumberland United G16T17
9Emilie LEMAIRECumberland United G16T16
10Kaitlyn DAWSONOttawa Futsal FSTA Elite G16T15

#PlayerTeam NameShutouts
1Emily CALLERYCarleton Place United G16T16
2Caitlin LAPLANTERockland United G16T15
3Jay-Lynn BURNIEOttawa Futsal FSTA Elite G16T15
4Janick RICHERCumberland United G16T13
5Abigail CARVALHOOSU Power G16T11
6Ella VINCICOttawa Internationals G16T11
7Megan CHALUPKAOttawa City G16T11
8Taeghan SUTHERLANDOttawa City G16T11

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