Boys U13 District T2 West

1West Carleton B13T212101158243431
2Carleton Place United B13T21281353233025
3Ottawa City B13T21281345281725
4West Ottawa B13T2125073750-1315
5Almonte B13T2124172343-2013
6OSU Power B13T2123091340-279
7Nepean Hotspurs B13T21220102748-216

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1Jordan BELANGERCarleton Place United B13T224
2Alexander PNEUMATICOS Ottawa City B13T223
3Andrew DIPIETRANTONIONepean Hotspurs B13T219
4Lucas ROSSWest Carleton B13T212
5William BOUWERWest Carleton B13T210
6Adam MAHFOUZ Ottawa City B13T29
7Edward HEBERTCarleton Place United B13T28
8Nathan MATHISONCarleton Place United B13T28
9Thomas HAMMELLWest Carleton B13T28
10Marco GHOSNNepean Hotspurs B13T26

#PlayerTeam NameShutouts
1Carter JOHNSTON NEILSEN Ottawa City B13T23
2Michael CLARKWest Carleton B13T22
3Rami AYOUBOSU Power B13T22
4Adam FORTINAlmonte B13T21
5Amin GALUTANepean Hotspurs B13T21
6Geoffrey LEHMAN Ottawa City B13T21
7Jacob LEPAGECarleton Place United B13T21
8Liam AVERYWest Ottawa B13T21

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