Boys U17/18 District

1Deep River B18T112110160134733
2Kemptville B17/18T112100231131830
3Carleton Place United B17T11290333141927
4Ottawa City Blue B17/18T1125162723416
5Valley Selects B18T1123182038-1810
6Ottawa City Silver B17/18T1121291733-165
7Cumberland United B18T11210111165-543

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1Alexander EVERICKDeep River B18T125
2Max GUEROUTDeep River B18T116
3Braden KEHOECarleton Place United B17T111
4Aidan SUTHERLANDKemptville B17/18T19
5Artur KRZYSZTON GOMESOttawa City Silver B17/18T17
6Emerson SEARSKemptville B17/18T17
7Noah ROBICHAUDKemptville B17/18T16
8Simon PAWLUKOttawa City Blue B17/18T16
9Jack SEARSONValley Selects B18T15
10Jonathan PEEVERValley Selects B18T15

#PlayerTeam NameShutouts
1Jaekob VANHERPENKemptville B17/18T17
2Alex SONNENBURGDeep River B18T13
3Brendan LyCarleton Place United B17T13
4Joshua MILLSValley Selects B18T13
5Noah CORBINOttawa City Blue B17/18T13
6Lukas Kossivas Ottawa City Silver B17/18T11
7Matthew TARDIOLICarleton Place United B17T11
8Nolan SAUNDERSCarleton Place United B17T11
9Victor ASTINOVOttawa City Silver B17/18T11

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