Girls U18 District

1Glengarry G18T115130272126039
2Nepean Hotspurs Fusion G18T115120361263536
3Carleton Place United G18T1158164946325
4Ottawa City G18T1158073031-124
5Kemptville G18T11521121865-477
6OSU Power G18T11510141464-503

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No games are scheduled in the next 10 days

1Sarah OUELLETTENepean Hotspurs Fusion G18T118
2Leyla DJIRANepean Hotspurs Fusion G18T117
3Andrea CHADDOCKGlengarry G18T112
4Taylor SIMARDGlengarry G18T112
5Sarah TRAFFORDCarleton Place United G18T111
6Lindsay WARNENepean Hotspurs Fusion G18T110
7Mykaela TOTHOttawa City G18T19
8Danika DECOEURGlengarry G18T18
9Shannon WONG Nepean Hotspurs Fusion G18T18
10Katiana MACLEANCarleton Place United G18T17

#PlayerTeam NameShutouts
1Emily MCDONELLGlengarry G18T15
2Hailey MACEACHERNNepean Hotspurs Fusion G18T14
3Emika MORRISOttawa City G18T13
4Taylor NEUMANNCarleton Place United G18T12
5Robyn HOWESGlengarry G18T11
6Sarah OUELLETTENepean Hotspurs Fusion G18T11

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