Boys U14 District T2 West

1St. Anthony B14T2 Surad121200100247636
2Ottawa City B14T21281353361725
3St. Anthony B14T2 LACA126243841-320
4Kemptville B14T2125075964-515
5Perth United B13/14T2112182959-307
6Ottawa Futsal YSSA B14T21100112378-550

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1Yahya ABDULKADIR St. Anthony B14T2 Surad24
2Giuseppe MARTELLOOttawa City B14T219
3Aboubaker SOUBAGLEHSt. Anthony B14T2 Surad17
4Kaleb BIZIBUSt. Anthony B14T2 Surad15
5Filani OLOTUKemptville B14T214
6Nicholas CAMPEAUKemptville B14T211
7Brett JOHNSTONKemptville B14T210
8Mohamed ABDI St. Anthony B14T2 Surad10
9Tshitij KHATIWADA St. Anthony B14T2 Surad10
10Jacob LESSERPerth United B13/14T29

#PlayerTeam NameShutouts
1Zubair HASHISt. Anthony B14T2 Surad2
2Thomas MORINOttawa City B14T21

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