ERSL Division Setup Policy
As Approved at the December 12, 2012 BoD Meeting

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This document defines the ERSL Divisional Setup Policy to be followed for the 2014 season.

Note: The implementation of the LTPD structure may impact league set up and operations in the future. If/when required, the ERSL will report to the membership on LTPD activities which will affect this policy, in order that the membership and the league can manage any required transition in a timely manner.

Overall Policies
  1. Divisions will be formed with an even number of teams, whenever possible;
  2. Each club shall be permitted to enter a maximum of two teams in each division;
  3. Divisions will be limited to 8 teams, whenever possible;
  4. The ERSL reserves the right to utilize geographical and skill based tiers to establish  divisions in accordance with OSA policies, if required;
  5. Divisions will play a balanced schedule, whenever possible;
  6. Each team will play a minimum of 14 games in a season, whenever possible. This may result in a team having to play more than one game in a week in Divisions where there are an odd number of teams;
  7. Due to unforeseen circumstances, Divisions may have vacancies. In this situation, the ERSL reserves the right, at its sole discretion, to offer member clubs the opportunity to accept the vacant team position. In such cases, the ERSL may evaluate submissions, and if appropriate, use the submissions to complete the division; and
  8. The ERSL reserves the right to request deviations from this policy from the East Region League Management Committee each season, at its sole discretion, in order to address unforeseen circumstances, and meet scheduling deadlines.

Geographical Location of Clubs –
For the Purpose of Establishing Geographical Tiers (if required)




Carleton Place


Capital United


Cataraqui Clippers

Cumberland United

Nepean City

Kingston United


Nepean Hotspurs

Quinte West

Gloucester Hornets

Ottawa South United


Ottawa Internationals

Smiths Falls


Ottawa Royals

West Ottawa


Seaway Valley Blazers




West Carleton





St. Anthony's

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