What do I do with the game sheets from each team?

Teams must provide you with a game sheet in order for a game to proceed.  If a game sheet generated from the system has not been provided they must provide an alternate form of game sheet which must include a listing of the game details, all player names and OS numbers, and all Team Officials and their OS numbers.

You must complete your section of the game sheet and follow all listed instructions.  Ensure you and your assistant match officials sign the game sheet at the conclusion of the game.

For U9-U12 games you must be provided with at least 1 game sheet by each team. You must retain a copy of a game sheet from each team for submission to the ERSL.

For U13-U18 games you must be provided with 3 copies of each team's game sheet. You must retain 1 copy of each team's game sheet, and a copy of each team's game sheet must be provided to each team. Information on each copy must match.  You must submit your retained copies to the ERSL following each game.

I sent in my game sheets to the ERSL can I throw my copies away?

You should retain copies of all of your game sheets until the conclusion of the season.  It is important that you store your copies safely and securely.  When it is time to dispose of them please ensure they are disposed of by shredding as they contain personal information.

What are the red card codes listed on the bottom of the ERSL game sheet?

The red card or dismissal codes listed on the bottom of the ERSL game sheet must be used when completing your game sheets to identify the nature of the dismissal.  This is required so that the dismissed player is made aware immediately following the game of the reason for their dismissal.  This is important so that the dismissed player has the opportunity to request an appeal of the card within their required 72 hours.

A Team Official has asked me to note a discrepancy in player eligibility on the game sheet, what do I do?

If a team official asks to note any discrepancy in player eligibility on the game sheet, including questions regarding a player identity, or failure of a player to produce the required identification, you must allow the team official to make this note on the game sheet. You should follow-up with a special incident report to clarify the reason for the notation, when the notation was made, and by whom.



Referee Payments

In order to receive payment for your assigned games you must complete all requirements of your assignment, including submission of your game sheets and reports to the ERSL.  Once game sheets have been submitted and approved the game will be listed as "ready for payment" on your RefCentre account.

I submitted my game sheets but my game is not listed as approved on my RefCentre account?

Contact the ERSL directly and inquire as to why the game sheets may not have been approved.


My games have been approved for payment - when and by whom can I expect to be paid?

Payments are not made to referees by the ERSL.  The organization that is tasked with paying you is dependent upon the level of your game assignment and whether or not you were a centre or assistant referee.  Please see below.

·        U13 to U18 Centre Referees
Payment is made by the District Association in which the game is played (EODSA or SOSA)

·        U13 to U18 Assistant Referees
Payment is made by the Home team's Club.  This is the team listed first on the schedule.

·         U9 to U12 Referees
Payment is made by the Home team's Club. This is the team listed first on the schedule.

Payments are typically made on a monthly basis.  Please contact the organizations as listed above directly for information regarding their payment process, method, and schedule.


Special Incident Reports

What do I need to write a Special Incident Report for?


Something unusual happened at my game but I am not sure if I should fill out a Special Incident Report.

When in doubt, fill one out.

Special Incident Reports are your best means to bring any issues to the attention of the League.  Provide as much detail as possible when describing events or conversations.

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